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  • Laksh 1 year ago

    No doubt, it is disheartening to see the dismal performance of the Pakistan cricket team in the World Cup 2015. Public is already giving vent to their anger, smashing TVs on the streets and even displaying coffins of cricket.TV news presentations also seem to inflame the public ire. Please don’t provoke the public sentiments, refrain from blowing up anger against the players. That puts families of the players at risk and also compromises the safety of players when they return home. One needs the support most when one is falling, so do the players when they are failing.

  • Hesan 1 year ago

    Sir Team was being supported by Entire Pakistan. But when a match is bought and a team continuously looses since last 6 to 7 matches then its not falling its habit.

  • Sambha Server 1 year ago

    I think we should call our team back to Pakistan we as a nation can not bear this all any more players selected on Parchi System can’t perform and we are ashamed of this Pakistani team.