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  • zorkor 1 year ago

    Seems like Modi gave a good lesson to this Bengali guy on what to say in the media once he leaves for India.

    Pakistan do whatever it can for its interest.

  • sahira sear 1 year ago

    hasina is just like her father india kee agent her father murdered several pakistani in 1971 pakistan should bring her in pakistani jail with her father bones for trail send pakistani police officer/ sho he need only one day she will tell all story.all bangels love pakistan and all pakistani
    love bangali we belong to same religion and no body separate us for love each india and hasina

  • abhhey jagtaph 1 year ago

    Sachai chip nahi sakti banavat ke pakistan se, ke 1947 pakistan ki nirmiti duniya ke liye ek hadsa hai.

  • Jaffar Akbari 1 year ago

    A journalist asked Modi what he feels about his killing 2000 Muslims in Gujarat. Modi said ” “when you are driving a car and a dog comes under your wheels you do have some feelings ” .
    Good luck to the Bangladeshis !

  • Jaffar Akbari 1 year ago

    A journalist asked Modi