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  • Saleem Haq 1 year ago

    It would be Pakistan’s biggest strategic blundee to send a single troop to help the either side. The Americans will definitely come know the Pak military’s strategy in case of such conflicts and ghat will be definitely revealed to India. Pakistan is already in a huge mess internally and externally and can’t afford to take such risks, which will strengthen the enemies of entire Muslim population and obviously create further animosity within our own brothers and sisters. We have lot of lessons in history so it is wise not to repeat the bloody history. The leaders have always been responsible for wars against the will of their own people, because it is the common people who suffer, not the leaders! If somebody wants to break Pakistan and the entire Muslim world then they are welcome to send troops to this conflict, but remember that everything comes to its end sooner or later and nobody will live forever. Those who claimed to be Gods in the past, some of them are lying in museums as an example.