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  • Faras Khan 1 year ago

    My Father fought in 1965 and 1971 beside M. M. Alam. He awarded the Sitara-E-Jurrat in 1965 and Tamga-E-Bisalat in 1971. This article is baseless. IAF has both the strength and numbers to deal with Pakistan. They have acquired Mig 29s advanced Mig 30 and Mirage 2000 and continue to upgrade. They have AWACS on patrol and other weaponry that can match most combat needs of the country.

    This article under estimates the capabilities of IAF and exaberates the PAF capabilities!

  • Haridas Pal 1 year ago

    Written by a day-dreaming porki. Even with one hand tied behind its back, the IAF can take out the PAF in a jiffy.

  • shuja ahmed 1 year ago

    U don’t worry guys with su30 mki upgraded mig 29 ,jaguar,mirage2000 and soon to be inducted rafael we will continue to dominate the asian skies…… always remember guys the air force is the forth largeiforthst air force in the world and even the united stated air force lost to our pilots in cope india exercise with a 9:1 ratio in combat patrol…… so don’t u dare challenge us we want peace but u Pakistanis don’t challenge otherwise 1971 can be repeated again and now ur existence could be in danger…….. long live the indian armed forces may allah give them the strength to fight

  • shaka 1 year ago

    ye teeno comment 1 hi nafsiati hindu nay kiye hain, hahahah no tension
    we love our armed forces army,navy,PAF and others, proud to be a pakistani
    Jiye PAK FOUJ

  • SmoothOp 1 year ago

    If it makes them happy, let them be!India is inching towards NATO parity levels and is bothered only by it’s economy.The faster it’s neighbors realise it wants peace not war,the better it is for them,else it will be bitter.Create an Asiazone like Eurozone and reap the benefits of improved culture,trade and commerce.Past is past,move on. Look at Germany/Japan and the US/UK,one enemies now close allies, even UK and France,since centuries they have fought wars but now so close.Make the right choice at least for future generations.