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  • Shahid Mirza 1 year ago

    These GCC scumbags can’t see that the real enemies are those that are purportedly protecting them. Even if they do they are so thick or self centred that they overlook that for their own survival and continued rule. Of course it suits the US and others down to the ground as they do the west’s dirty work for them, and Israel,continues laughing.
    Iran is only a threat to those hypocrites who profess to be custodians of Islam yet are the biggest enemies of it.
    Islam is a religion of love, compassion, peace, forgiveness, humility and submission in totality to the Almighty …. not to a handful of autocratic fake kings in flowing silk thobes with prayer beads in their hands who have destroyed and continue to destroy the image of this great religion that respects, confirms and corrects the imperfections of the preceding great religions of Judaism and Christianity.