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  • Shahjahan Khurram 1 year ago

    ^ that comment made no sense at all.

  • DawaR 1 year ago

    same as your article

  • DawaR 1 year ago

    lol iPlay2, dont mind such wannabes. Tharki is impressed by this criminal prety woman

  • Sam. 1 year ago

    People this is article is a satire. Its a form in which humor is used to show the weaknesses or bad qualities of a person or government. Read it as a sarcastic humorous article.

    Remember the article about Malala. Here is a link to that article.

    @shahjahankhurram:disqus sorry to paste an other articles link here but just wanted people to know what u meant.

  • Kashif Aleem 1 year ago

    and why are you favoring a criminal? are you her partner in crime?

  • iPlay2 1 year ago

    @ shahjahan khuram: And your reply tells me that you are a dumb writer, and it also tells me your background. Once again I say, please go and see a doctor.

  • iPlay2 1 year ago

    @ Dawar: You are 100% right. “The “Reasons” baby writer stucks again…” LOL
    I hope this guy “reasons baby” “shahjahan khuram” write an article on himself too, and give us 10 reasons that why is he stuck with this kind of articles. HAHAHAHA
    This “reasons” baby gets made very easily. 😛

  • DawaR 1 year ago

    lol “Ten Reasons to stop reading my articles” , “Ten reasons to make me a leading anchor in ARY” , “Ten reasons to make yourself dumb on internet”

  • Guest 1 year ago

    It is a satire people. A poorly written one however. I mean it lacks humour. Failed to make me laugh but the comments succeeded 😀 it’s hilariously unfortunate how little a lot of our population knows about the different styles of writing. Educate yourself people! :p