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  • Saleem Haq 1 year ago

    Perhaps I see this article in a totally different way. I see that it is always Iran who openly talks and does whatever possible in favour of all the persecuted and helpless people from East to West, be it in Palestine or Myanmar or in any other country which has been the target of the war-mongers, Israel and The US. It always talks openly in front of the international community against the injustices happening with the Muslim community, be it shias or sunnis, though Iran is under US sanctions for more than 3 decades! While we in Pakistan don’t even have the courage to at least condemn officially such heinous murders around the world despite of being an atomic power. So what conclusion should we draw from such acts of Pakistani regimes? One would probably think that we have become the US puppets just the way majority of the other Muslim countries are! Or are the SHAMELESS LEADERS only concerned that if they don’t follow the Americans, they would be thrown out!

    Iran is still standing tall after many years sanctions, so can’t we learn any lesson from it? Iran as a whole has progressed, as an American enemy, much better than Pakistan, while we are in tatters being an American friend and ally! So do we still need to think after about seven decades of Pakistan’s creation and use our rocket science logic to know who our real friends and enemies are?