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  • Mohammad Ali Khan 1 year ago

    Chaudary Sarwar is also playing games

  • Iffat Taimoor 1 year ago

    No he is not playing games. He was man of principals and could not find his way in PML. No doubt PMLN has lost a valuable asset, but I expect he will not become like other PTI people, once who talk & blame without solid grounds.

  • shaiz 1 year ago

    if you dont like .. dont vote for PTI .. Its as simple as that .. But the PTI the only party which has such renowned and highly acclaimed professional.

  • Mohammad Ali Khan 1 year ago

    Only in your view
    PTI has all rejected people like Shah Mehmood,Jehngir Tarin, Sherin Mazari …… and now Sarwar

  • Mohammad Ali Khan 1 year ago

    Lets hope you are right or
    You will see this man of principles, he will be the man of principle like Imran Khan
    Both broke all principles in the UK/US