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  • Zahid Tanvir 1 year ago

    i get the feeling Altaf Hussain will not be enjoying Kebabs but doing Porridge.
    its was always a known unknown – known to everyone -MQM cannot throw their weight around here – as people are more educated here and dont follow sheep or listen to pathetic speeches –
    if he has any dignity he should return to Pakistan – i believe he has Pakistani passport now, all you hear about is “MQM ke Quarbai” well reality is slaughter – when you kill people in your own party and blame the other thats not sacrifice its Murder-
    can some explain this to them as clearly they dont know and play a very dirty game in which innocent get killed,

    People fail to understand killing someone is taking the most valuble gift one granted by Allah only to be taken by him, we need to work on the value of life itself in Pakistan to truly rid ourselves of people such as Altaf and many others.
    Having all the resources in the world – not many countries do – shame we are blinded by the same issues post independance as pre.
    And Guys 70 years generations on in Pakistan you are Pakistani pre 1947 we all Indian – post Pakistani –
    wake up and smell the coffe or chai or what ever –
    Altaf like the smell of Kebabs in Edgeware – leave him there to explode

  • Ameer Paul 1 year ago

    Too many stories, but still Altaf Hussain and cronies are not behind the bars?