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  • Hayat Umer 1 year ago

    I don’t know why they banned tere bin laden… was a good movie……..

  • Asim Sohail Khan 1 year ago

    good decision

  • Shahjahan Khurram 1 year ago

    Hussain Tariq, the point of the article is to point out movies which were banned at one time in Pakistan, due to any controversy or reason otherwise. If the name of the movie was changed and then released, this doesn’t disprove the article. As far as I am concerned, a film by the name of Khiladi 786 was banned and it never got released under this name in the country.

    Similarly, if a film was banned at one time like The Dirty Picture and then cleared by the censor board after numerous scenes of it were cut, doesn’t prove the point. You see the whole film in its ENTIRETY was banned from Pakistan.