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  • Amar Habib 1 year ago

    One of the most deceptive and misleading speeches I have seen. Dishonest and blatant whites lies with a smug expression delivered in typical PMLN pre-organised fashion with a rally of thugs and paid personnel.
    This fake NA speaker Ayaz is a part of the cover up the biggest election fraud in the history of Pakistan in which many top officials conspired.. I do not expect justice from any Pakistan tribunal or court due to the corrupt system. when the Nation properly decided on a change with the vote which was physically, removed , altered and rigged .What a shame for the country to be mislead , mismanaged and placed under slavery of extorting and corrupt leaders,

  • Farida Khan 1 year ago

    Ayaz Sadiq is a liar.Why had he been hiding behind a Stay Order?A man of his age talks about an incident of a hockey stick looks childish.Grow up Mr. Ayaz Sadiq.