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Harmain Shareefain Ki Tareef



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  • Reality Check 10 months ago

    You all are fools wasting your time doing demonstrations, MQM won the local election in Karachi and now they are pressing hard to PPP if you want to share the power tomorrow then remove the Rangers action in Karachi and let us share the power and loot Karachi with both hands as they used to do before Ranger action. What a shame for a country where corrupted leaders sitting overseas control the power within country. I will not be surprise to find out that behind doors PML-N have the full backing to save their government and promoting these parties to go against Rangers. Nawaz Sharif knows if he wanted to win election in 2017, then he has to remove Army & rangers action ASAP. This gas pipe line coming all the way to Pakistan will save more factories of rich people and politicians if left will reach to poor people houses. At present what is more important, bring gas in or saving people’s lives, answer is apparent off course people’s lives. It is the media who is playing a very negative role by not differentiating how the terrorism came in Karachi in the first time, corrupted politicians were financing these groups hence corruption played a big role in spreading more terrorism in Karachi, hence if financial some reason stops in Karachi there will be no money left to buy weapons or pay terrorists hence controlling terrorism in Karachi.