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  • Only responsible thing media can do; is to highlight corruption within any administration and not to fall in the trap of Nawaz (I for one refuse to call him elected PM as PMLN has rob the people of Pakistan of their one only basic right of choosing a government). If he is interested in national security he should allow free and true justice across the country no matter what power and influence any one possess; and that ain’t going to happen in that cursed land.

  • Imran Khan 1 year ago

    So Exposed Sharif, what are you trying to tell the media? Become traitors like you and your bandit regime? Or are you asking Mubasher Luceman to cover-up all your dirt? Sharif, you have been exposed, you are thieve, you have rinsed the countries national interests, murdered innocent people of Pakistan and deprived the nation of Oil, electricity and water and may have sold the Pakistan v India match after Modi’s phone call yesterday in which your Indian master promised the Indian secretary visiting you soon. On top you are an Indian and US agent.