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  • Pankaj Deshmukh 1 year ago

    In 1951, Hindus constituted 22 percent of the Pakistani population and the Hindu population was concentrated in East Pakistan which later became Bangladesh, while the Hindu population in West Pakistan was less than 2%. By 1998, the proportion of Hindus was down to around 1.7 percent. What a love showed by Pakistan:)

  • Rashid 1 year ago

    I think you never studies statistics ever…What u are talking about % and not the actual number…If population rate of another community (Muslims) is growing at much faster rate then ultimately there % in population will increase compare to one which are growing and lesser (Hindus)..Muslim population rate even in india is higher… Talking about “love” then plz do talk about how Kashmirs Popuation ratio was change by bringing hindus from all over hindustan .. The ratio was forcefully changed from 90 -10 to 60— 40