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Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri (Tasawuff Aur Wilayat Kya Hai) 06&08 16 june 2015




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  • Kamran 1 year ago

    Following is the formula for success of Muslim Ummah.

    1: Allah ki Rasi ko Mazbooti Se Thamay Rakho (Means Quran ko
    Thamay Rakho). It also means learn the complete religion of Islam through the
    words of Allah (Quran) and act upon it. Hold on to the rope of God (that is

    2: Aapas may Tafrakoon may naaa paroo. Stay United as one
    nation of Islam.

    This is about time that we Muslim Ummah realize that there
    is a force that is busy dividing us further & further. Let’s get back to
    the basic that is “we all believe in Allah (SWT) and his book Quran and we all
    call ourselves Muslims”. That is it. This should be the basis of our unification
    and respect and brotherhood for each other. When our religion came into being,
    it started with this above belief. Later on we were divided between Sunni and
    Shia and then multiple sects of Sunnis and multiple sects of Shias, then
    further divided between the countries like Muslim of Pakistan and Muslim of
    Saudi Arabia etc, then further divided into Moderate and Extremist Muslims then
    further divided into Muslim who follow Shariah and Muslims who don’t follow
    Shariah, then further divided into Practicing Muslim and not Practicing Muslim
    etc etc.

    My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam, just think for a
    second about the true strength of us if we all are united. Think about the
    numbers of Muslim in the world. Think how many countries are Muslim countries.
    Think about how much valuable Natural resources Muslim owns in this world.
    Think about the Armies and technology that we have. Think about how much
    potential our youths have. Think about
    how much knowledge our scientist and scholars have. Our strength has no match
    if we stay United as one Ummah and help each other out regardless of our Sect
    or believes. No one will dare to fight United Muslim Ummah.

    In sha Allah, today we should start a mission called “United
    Muslim Of The World”. Instead of fighting among ourselves, its time to learn
    what Quran says and teach each other about it. Killing, fighting, hating each
    other will not get us anywhere. Learning and Teaching the words of Allah will
    In Sha Allah lead to our salvation.

    Don’t expect our political leaders, Sect leaders, scholars
    will work on the Unification of the Ummah. If they do, this will make their
    authority vanish. It has to start from within ourselves, our family members,
    our friends etc. This is a great mission. Make this a part of your life and do
    not die like a thousands of common people who had no purpose.