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  • Khalid Masoud Rehman Rao 1 year ago

    I think Pakistan statement is quite ok and will work better then most of the anchors making noise..Pakistan must take care and guards the internal security or any risk if Saudi may have ,but we will not go to fight the Houties in Yemen.The other point one should not touch that in Yemen the Zaidi Shia are there ,so we must be careful from our Shia sect in Pakistan.The Shia in Pakistan they are Pakistani & they must take care of the country they are born in .

  • ahmed 1 year ago

    why we discuss that our shia brother will enrage if v join battle field…. this arguments why not raises when v launch operation in north wazirstan…. why shit media was silent and do not raise voice that sentiments of common muslim will enrage…. the shia in pakistan is pakistani… therefore they should be kept mum as all other muslim on ongoing operation of waziristan… the policy should be straight that whoever will try to destroy harmony will meet iron hand… thats enough…