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Chicken Finger Pakora – Chaat Masala Lifestyle Kitchen 19th June 2015,

A live brunch time cooking show topped with modern tips n crisps of a healthy lifestyle. Lifestyle Kitchen will be a show featuring the experts from industry who will talk about beauty, skincare, style and fashion statement in modern era by Chef Saadat Siddiqi


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  • Wajid Gill Deaf Christian 1 year ago

    nice report

  • Wajid Gill Deaf Christian 1 year ago

    thankss for yr information

  • Azeem Gill 1 year ago

    dube k maru sub

  • Muhammad Mehmood 1 year ago

    Kyun? Kher to hai?

  • Unpredictable Soul 1 year ago

    tume koi masla ha to tum dubb k mar jao.

  • touseef kiyani 1 year ago

    qu lar rhy ho