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  • Over 1200 people died and NS now realised that he should go to karachi. People who voted for him now should not complain.

  • Sher Mohammad 1 year ago

    He is completely unaware of his accountability on the Day of Reckoning. Y “Dunya ki zindagi me ‘must’ hay.”

  • FASIAL 1 year ago

    there is a very good saying, if you want to sense who is jealous from you get someone to praise you loud…. the hasideen will stick their neck out like worms coming out of the soil in rain! There is no other like him in his awareness creation, he has educated the nation on their rights, he has exposed the corruption and muk muka of our politics, he has exposed the high level rigging in election commission, he has torn apart the ideology of terrorism in the name of Islam, he has not just talked the talk but also walked the walk for the elevation of the rights of Pakistanis… cant compete with someone who goes all the way… he and his workers have sacrificed for Pakistan! He is a hero! and you are sick of it because you’d rather rot your lazy back side on the couch where you sit and comment! He is too busy and too ahead of you in making a positive difference for Pakistan!

  • Mohammad Ali Khan 1 year ago

    he is terrorist himself he is an extremist, listen to his extreme exaggerated rubbish speeches last 2 years of Dharna
    We do not need him, he could not win a single seat in election including the one in Bhakkar where he went and requested people to vote for PAT. He wants change and revolution, against the will of the people and through the use of force and that is what exactly terrorism means
    what change? he is as dummy as Imran Khan, both of them wasted the time and energy of the nation for nothing last year, Where is Inqilab !!!!!!!!!!! Where is Azadi!!!!!! just SLOGANS