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  • A J Khan 1 year ago

    Stopping any one & checking everyone is part of duty of a soldier on a check point. This Judicial tyranny should not be accepted and such people should not be taken seriously.

  • Ivan Sovorov 1 year ago

    The Jurisdiction of High Court under Article 199 is automatically suspended with implementation of Article 245 where Armed Forces are “In Aid of Civil Power” (i.e in Bannu and other parts of KPK), so Hon’able Judge has no authority to call for the Appearance of Army’s Brigade Commander and niether to deal the case at all. The CCTV footage also proves that only I.D card was asked from Judge to which he became infurited and left by foot. Even the General officers of Pakistan Army entering cantonment show their svc cards. In 2009, a suicide bomber using a black prado introducing himself a High Court Lawyer blew himself up on the gate.