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  • t anwar 1 year ago

    why dont they name party — they are all afraid ….

  • t anwar 1 year ago

    media will be also be responsible if the culprits here manage to get away …. media should not use vague phrases like “top leader of a political party” … it should name the leader of MQM and make sure that the collation for senate seats isnt used to buy out of this situation…

  • They should also mention the contribution of Muftee Naeem in this killing.

  • Hussain 1 year ago

    Sir, Ask from them whose brothers, sons and daughters were burnt alive by the MQM in Baldia Town Factory Karachi. Can any Pakistani tell me such an Example of Barbaric action against innocent people in history?????????????? An open challenge to all! MQM has been declared a “Terrorist Outfit” by Canadian Court, the havoc it has been with the blood of innocent people of karachi since 1986, its torture cells, kidnapping for ransom, killings, bhata mafia and what not. We request the Chief of Army Staff to crush them once for all and PLEASE SAVE PAKISTAN…..