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Behenain Aisi Bhi Hoti Hain Behenain Aisi Bhi Hoti Hain: Story of two sisters and their devoted love for each other, how they stand by each other in times of thick thin. This bond of sisterhood infuses a pillar of strength in them to face all kinds of odds that comes in their path. They have to bear the hardships of our ill stricken society, where women are dejected and tormented. Yet they steer the faith in their favor at last.



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  • Ahmed 1 year ago

    Ch Nisar Ali Khan is legend he never knew there are corrupt officials in govt. otherwise he would’ve done something about it long time ago as we know what he is capable of we have results on terrorism issue resulting from his effective policies. We people are idiots. Now the policy of suspending prisoners transfer agreement will make thousands of Pakistani people suffer who are in jails of different countries at least they had a hope of meeting their family by spending their sentence in their hometown. I REQUEST THIS GOVERNMENT PLEASE STOP PLAYING GAMES WITH THIS NATION. Get your pockets filled and disappear. We all know how sincere you are with this nation.