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Asif Hasnain slams Imran Ismail in 11th Hour



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  • every pakistani knew that our valiant forces have to fight lastly in the street of karachi, against these callous two-timer traitors of mqm.

    ultimate fight is about to begin. inshallah mqm will be crushed and will find no security blanket


  • MQM is in hot waters! they should and must immediately sue against BBC to void this view that they are RAW’s agent or accept label.

  • Mqm is a laughing stock! guys wake up and surrender – you have been terrorist and even until today the attitude in Karachi streets through your units is the same “badmashi”. I truly wish and hope that this case concludes soon. The punishment by the way should not be hang till death – it should be extreme humiliation of “slapping on the face by karachiites, spitting on a face daily from 9 a.m. until 11:00 at 90”. Those who you killed and murdered maybe weak but when the Creator takes notice nothing prevails. Be aware!

  • No Courtesy ARY…..
    These were leaked by Dr Shahid Masood. Give some credit link to him

  • Basha 1 year ago

    Nothing remains hidden from ALLAH.