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  • Wahab 1 year ago

    This makes me sad. There is no freedom in Pakistan due to the small minded radicals. Shame on them.

  • Afzaal Ahmad 1 year ago

    go to hell wahab with ur broad mind….its not our culture…..our religion and culture does not allow us to do that…. i think yh are not muslim….get out from pakistan uh broad minded idiot :(

  • dar badar pakistani 1 year ago

    ironic isn’t it
    bhutto banning alcohol and gambling

  • akmal 1 year ago

    wahab wants freedom, change ur name to tom or something like that and move to a western country and stop being a muslim then u can do what the hell u want u fool,but while u are muslim there are rules to follow . dont ruin pak society which is already in mess