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  • Zeshan Baig 1 year ago

    there is no harm in stepping in india, to get some work in their film industry to make some extra bucks….. when ……. india is bombing us and killing innocent citizens of Pakistan on working boundry ……..when india is explicitly refusing to play cricket with (when PCB needs it)…….when india is saying that all terrorist are coming from Pakistan under the umbrella of Pak Army/Agencies……now miss marwa will tell us how to look at the things/incidents bla bla and movie phantom is not against Pakistan…

  • Outright candid 1 year ago

    Mawara, Please do us all a favor and stop comparing yourself to Fawad and Mahira cause they are like far above you. If you feel like comparing yourself to anyone then better go with Humaima Malik, Veena Malik, Sara Loren or any other crappy worthless attention seeking actress you could think of.

  • Outright candid 1 year ago

    And for the record, please dont mess with Shan Shahid, you can ask Ali Zafar why not to. Infact do us all a favor, don’t come back and stay there :p youd make a big name as a F grade actress maybe.