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A tale of heart-warming friendship between US vice-president and a camel cart driver from Karachi

KARACHI: Though it’s been over 50 years to an unusual friendship story of the former US vice president and a camel cart driver of Karachi, but the captivating memories of the beautiful amity still holds relevance to date.

The friendship between former vice president US Lyndon B Johnson and Bashir Sarban dates back to early 1960s.

Traveling in convoy in Karachi, Mr. Johnson spied one of Pakistan’s prime tourist attractions: a camel cart. One of the leading English dailies reported the account: “Lyndon stopped the car, got out to shake hands with startled camel cart driver Bashir, 40. While the photographers snapped away, Johnson made small talk. “President Ayub Khan is coming to the U.S.,” he offered. “Why don’t you come too?” Bashir agreeably smiled “Sure, sure,” went home to his mud-and-gunny-sack shack and forgot it.



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