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  • Nice cock and bull story…. This man is behind bars, about to be executed and he will speak the truth?

  • ali kazmi 1 year ago

    Kal geo par Hamid khan the kia pti ne geo kA bicot khatam kar dia hum sirf is lia imran ka sath hain ka WO geo ka kilaf hain.

  • ali kazmi 1 year ago

    Geo ko band karo mubasir lucman repeat show Karl rage hain wapis kab a yen ga

  • Mustansar Billah 1 year ago

    That’s the only time he will speak the truth. If he was out, he would not because he would fear to be killed. Now, he knows he is dying anyways, why not tell the truth?.

  • Shah 1 year ago

    What Soulat Mirza said, is an open secret in Karachi. Every body knows that MQM patronizes killers for political interests.